A Painted Touch of Life
a two artists show

I’m quite excited! (and, to be honest, adequately nervous)
In two months I’ll be exhibiting alongside the talented artist -and dear friend- Inma Garcia-Carrasco. We’ve met less than a year ago and immediately connected: putting on a show together felt so natural.
There will be over 20 paintings, waiting for you to engage with them ♥

And for now, feel free to read the Press Release bellow, and you can even download the pdf if you feel like!~

Figurative artists Suzon Lagarde and Inma Garcia-Carrasco are delighted to hold a joint exhibition at the Newington Gallery from the 29th of May to 3rd of June.
They would love to invite you to the PV on the 29th, from 6-8pm.

On this occasion they’ll be displaying a year of work, which arose from a mutual inspiration that started as soon as they met.


Inma and Suzon paint the people who inspire them daily.
Their work uses the human figure as a device to explore our life’s fascinating experiences. Whether they observe the uniqueness of a relationship or the universal nature of human emotions, each painting comes from a place of love and passion.


Supporting each other through an ambitious year working towards this show, Suzon and Inma's friendship has grown stronger. They found themselves thinking about the red thread story: in Japanese folklore it is said that individuals tied by an invisible scarlet string are meant to meet and that this encounter will profoundly affect them. This notion has inspired a collaborative work, unveiled on the opening night.


Suzon Lagarde fell in love with oil paint and portraiture when she moved to London two years ago. She paints as a way to get to know herself better, to stare at those she loves and to playfully investigate the shapes and colours which trigger her enthusiasm.
Suzon is currently one of the young artists involved in the In the Studio programme at the Mall Galleries, where she’ll be exhibiting this year.
Her work has been selected in numerous exhibitions in Europe and she has been the sitter’s choice with her participation in Sky Portrait Artist of the Year.

Inma Garcia-Carrasco paints human nature: naked, unprotected and pure. Her practice gives her the opportunity of living many lives in one, exploring raw human vulnerability, feeling exposed.
Inma has been painting and exhibiting in London since 2008 as part of various group exhibitions and her work is held in private collections across Europe, the US and Asia. Alongside Suzon, she was a finalist in the Holly Bush Emerging Woman Painter Prize in 2018 and her painting "Desolation I" won the People's Choice Award at the Hesketh Hubbard Society Exhibition (Mall Galleries London, 2008).