Newsletter archives


#1, January 2019

I was introducing myself (frenchy in London, on a Portraiture Diploma, working as a life model)

Uploading my sketchbooks for the first time

Presenting some upcoming activities


#2, April 2019

Touching up on why I do what I do

Coming back on my experience in the tv programme Sky Portrait Artist of the Year

And presenting the press release of the upcoming
2-artists show: A Painted Touch of Life


#3, June 2019

Presenting the paintings from A Painted Touch of Life with close-ups and insights into the process

Reflecting on colours and what helped me
see them more as I paint them more

Also uploading my latest sketchbook


#4, Septembre 2019

A summer nicely full-on:
- The Rome workshops with Nicolàs Uribe
- In The Studio project and group exhibition
- My experience as a Life Model

And here’s for my latest sketchbook


It’s a joy to share this journey with you,
thanks for your support ♥