Newsletter #4



Hi everyone!

I hope you had a wonderful Summer,
I'm about to start the new term (final year of my Portrait Diploma!)
and I'm quite excited about it!

Summer was great too with a few things I wanted to share with you :)


The Rome Workshops

In July I treated myself to a wonderful painting workshop in Rome, led by Nicolàs Uribe

Reconnecting with personal approaches and further realisations


In The Studio project and exhibition

A fantastic year-long project with the Mall Galleries which culminated in a group exhibition this August

Learning about the Federation of British Artists and myself


Life modelling

Recently I was asked to reflect on what Life modelling means for me in an article for the Guardian.
Some more thoughts on a job I love very much

Mind space, sight, appreciations and difficulties

→ and ↓ Photographs by Gerard Francis

To flip through my latest sketchbook or the previous ones,
and here’s a link to the other newsletters.

Next time I'll be writing to you will probably be at the end of 2019,
Thanks as always for accompanying me on this journey, a real joy to share it with you ♥